Capital Paint Doctor is now

Paradyme Painting Ltd

The Capital Paint Doctor was founded over a decade ago by Tonow Tokunaga. Since then we've grown and painted many of the commercial and residential buildings you see in Victoria today.

We are now operating as Paradyme Painting LTD, while offering the same team and quality of work you trust. We take pride in delivering quality work quickly and efficiently. Our team of experienced painters go to great measures to complete a project to the highest standard, all while saving you money!


Our comittment is to have a small an impact as possible with each paint contract. We are very conscientious about maintaining a clean premise during the painting process. Our painters are family men and women and we respect your privacy, taking care of your household articles and items. We do it all – removing all lighting fixtures, doors, door handles and hardware (where possible) to insure the paint is applied properly. We can even replace those items with new hardware when the job is done. Trim is our specialty and regardless of the intricate work required, we take time to get it right.

Using Eco-friendly paint finishes which are also “High Performance” coatings specifically formulated to replace alkyd base products in hospitals, schools, heavy duty institutional and light industrial areas. No primer is needed and will adhere to most non-porous substrates such as: alkyd paint, clear coats, metals, glass, plastics, and tile. Finding the right paint for each job is so important along side the preparation of the substrate to be painted.

Our mission is to help assess each client’s goals and then exceed them. We are continually developing our knowledge of the industry. A good coat of paint is like a coat of armour, it’s not just important but, it’s everything. We restore the outside of house making it pleasing to the eye, preventing most damaging elements by sealing windows and doors, especially areas where water can get in. A small home improvement will save you from a costly one in the future.


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